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Transformers Pinball Premium


Transformers Pinball premium upgrades, modifications, and warranty.

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Transformers Pinball Premium Machine from Stern Pinball brings Megatron, Optimus Prime and all your favorite Transformers into your home game room! Exciting game play features include ”Megatron Vehicle Form” rapid fire multi-ball with ”cyber” ball lock and illuminated eyes as well as an ”Optimus Prime” target with ”M.T.M.T.E.” (more than meets the eye) elevating ramp! ”Bumblebee Captive” Camaro target, ”Decepticon” laser-cut steel ramps, three “Devastator” pop bumpers, an ”Autobot/Decepticon” spinning target and so much more await you as you enter the world of Transformers pinball. Enjoy the stunning, high-definition ”Autobots vs. Decepticons” cabinet artwork, Transformers decals and color-themed star posts. With captivating details from the hit Transformers franchise, and amazing pinball action that will challenge even the most seasoned player, the Transformers Pro Pinball Machine is a ”must-have” for any true collector or enthusiast! Pinball MachineDimensions: 75.5” H x 27” W x 55” Depth / Weight: 250 lbs. Proudly made in the USA.


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