Product Tag - Williams Pinball

Williams Electronics Inc. was a major manufacturer of pinball machines from the early 70’s up up until the year 2000. The company dominated the solid state pinball market for decades.

With the advent of modern computers, circuit board technology found its way into pinball machines, replacing the old-fashioned relays. These games are known as “solid state” pinball machines. This new technology allowed for more complex rules, sound effects, and immersive themes. Although Gottlieb was widely considered the best manufacturer of electro-mechanical pinball machines, Bally and Williams soon dominated the solid state pinball market.

In the 1988 Williams took over the pinball division of Bally. During the 90’s both brand names were used to release games, though the games were actually built in the same factory and used the same hardware.

Williams created the first talking pinball machine in 1979 with “Gorgar” as well as the first multi-level playfield in 1980 with “Black Knight.”