Bazaar Pinball Machine

Bazaar Pinball Machine


The 1966 Bally Bazaar was the first of many Zipper Flipper games. This is a really cool feature where the flippers move in to close the gap between them, so the ball can not drain between the flippers. Bally made 18 zipper flipper games from 1966 to 1973. There were 2,925 Bally Bazaar machines produced.


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Other Features:

Six mushroom bumpers, open and close ball return gate and open and close the flippers, spell L U C K to advance the Super Bonus. This is also one of the first machines to have a skill shot when you shoot the ball into play. Bazaar features a ball kick back from the left drain. Tons of pinball action from Bally and artwork of cute tourists traveling the world in 1966.