Zodiac Pinball Machine

Zodiac Pinball Machine

Zodiac is an electro-mechanical pinball machine released by Williams Electronics in 1971. Williams only produced 704 units of the astrology themed game. On the backglass the astrologers have “cufflinks” monogrammed with “N.C.” and “S.K.”, a probable reference to the machines designers, Norm Clark and Steve Kordek.

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Zodiac Pinball Machine by Williams Electronics

Zodiac pinball features: 4 flippers, 4 slingshots, 8 hanging targets, 2 stop magnets, 1 spinning post. Player presses button on lockdown bar to cause the center ball shooter, which does not oscillate, to propel the ball into play from the outhouse up through the flipper gap. When either the sun target or moon target is hit, a magnet under the playfield freezes the ball in front of the hit target until bonus points are counted down.

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