• Silverton Pub Table and Stool 300x232 - Silverton Pub Set
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    Silverton Pub Set


    The Silverton rustic wood Pub set is manufactured out of African Hardwood and is built to withstand the demands of an active family. The unique barndoor wood finish creates a subtle, natural look. This set matches the Silverton Pool Table.

  • simpsons image 1 300x422 - Simpsons Pinball Machinesimpsons image 4 300x274 - Simpsons Pinball Machine
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    Simpsons Pinball Machine

    The Simpsons pinball machine is a 1990 game released by Data East Pinball. It is based on the animated sitcom The Simpsons and features many elements from the series, such as character voices and music.

  • Slugfest Pinball Cover1 300x219 - Slugfest pinball machineSlugfest Pinball 21 300x452 - Slugfest pinball machine
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    Slugfest pinball machine


    Slugfest pinball was the last pitch and bat machine ever manufactured, released by Williams Electronics in 1991. You can play 2 players and switch between batting and pitching or 1 player can play against the computer by batting only. When the ramp in the middle is up you can hit the ball into the upper deck for a home run!

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    soccer image 7 300x239 - Soccer Pinball Machinesoccer image 6 300x200 - Soccer Pinball Machine
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    Soccer Pinball Machine

    Soccer was released by Gottlieb in 1975. It is a rare electro-mechanical pinball machine

  • Solar Ride Pinball Cover1 300x297 - Solar Ride Pinball MachineSolar Ride Pinball 11 300x240 - Solar Ride Pinball Machine
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    Solar Ride Pinball Machine


    Solar Ride was manufactured by Gottlieb in 1979. Two versions of Solar Ride were released, an Electro-Mechanical version and a Solid State Version. There were 365 of the EM versions produced and 8,800 of the Solid State versions produced.

  • IMG E6235 300x390 - Sold My Soul to Rock ‘n’ Roll
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    Sold My Soul to Rock ‘n’ Roll

    This metal Rock themed wall hanging will bring a demonic vibe to any man cave.

  • Sound Stage Pinball Cover1 300x457 - Sound Stage Pinball MachineSound Stage Pinball 11 300x247 - Sound Stage Pinball Machine
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    Sound Stage Pinball Machine


    Sound Stage was designed by Chicago Coin in 1976 and is one of the last Chicago Coin electro-mechanical games. It has the classic sounds from that era of pinball machines, with steppers and relays clacking and chimes ringing.

  • south beach img 5 randroutdoors all weather billiards 300x197 - South Beachsouth beach img 4 randroutdoors all weather billiards 300x197 - South Beach
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    South Beach


    The South Beach with its minimalist lines, has an under-table clearance that allows you to pull up seating and can quickly convert to a dining surface. It was originally built for a penthouse balcony in Miami, where space is at a premium. This table is a work of art and turns heads everywhere. Mix and match finishes as a beautiful contrast or simply pick one. Playpack on this spectacular table also includes insert for conversion. Benches available to match.

    Our South Beach Outdoor Pool Table as a dining package has the added feature of a 3-piece hard top cover as conversion top is substantial yet easy enough for any hostess to maneuver on to the table with little assistance.

    The 7-foot version comes with (2) 44” benches and your choice of cushion fabric. Our 3-inch high-quality outdoor cushions are many times designed with welting on the seams that contrasts or compliment the bed fabric. The 8-foot table comes with (2) 52” benches. For more seating see our full line of sizes to add end benches as well. This beautiful pool table whether used indoors or out maximizes space and versatility.

    Product Specifications

    • Mix and Match two of our eight powder coat finishes
    • Only The Original Sunbrella fabric
    • Sizes: 7′, 8′ or 9′
    • Hidden pocket basket provides a streamlined look
    • Customize by adding your logo, family crest,
      or graphic wrap
    • Benches available to match
  • Space Invaders Frenzy ArcadeSpace Invaders Frenzy Arcade 1 300x321 - Space Invaders Frenzy
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    Space Invaders Frenzy

    Space Invaders Frenzy combines several technologies into one game for a unique arcade experience. The giant screen is the same LED billboard technology that was used with World’s Largest Pac-Man. This provides for high contrast gaming that is also cannot be precisely replicated on a home TV or mobile device. Operators can also upload their own video ads to display during the game’s attract mode, allowing you to market your venue, your sponsors or upcoming events!

    The game also reuses the gun technology and Thrill-D sound system from the popular Jurassic Park Arcade.  This means easy-to-use controls that players of all ages will be able to get the hang of instantly. They did spruce the guns up slightly however – the tips now have a green LED mechanism to give them the feel of ‘ray guns’!

  • Space Invaders Pinball Cover1 300x300 - Space Invaders Pinball MachineSpace Invaders Pinball 2 300x300 - Space Invaders Pinball Machine
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    Space Invaders Pinball Machine


    In 1980, Bally released a pinball version of the original 1978 Video game of the same name becoming the first pinball machine to be based on a video game. Bally’s video game division, Midway, had licensed Space Invaders from Taito in Japan, and decided to capitalize on the machine’s incredible success by using it as a theme for a pinball machine. However, few elements from the original game, except for the sounds and front case artwork, were included in the pinball game. The artwork instead resembled the xenomorphs from the 1979 film “Alien”. Bally was sued over the game’s artwork resemblance to designs by H. R. Giger. In fact, they ended up stopping production of the game early due to pending lawsuits, although 11,400 machines were still produced. A settlement was reached with Fox studios where royalties were paid to the studio for each pinball machine sold and Fox was also given approximately 3 machines to use for the promotion of the sequel to Alien, named “Aliens”. This machine was one of only five “widebodies” released for production by Bally.

  • Spring Break Pinball Cover1 300x300 - Spring Break Pinball MachineSpring Break Pinball 21 300x225 - Spring Break Pinball Machine
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    Spring Break Pinball Machine


    Spring Break Pinball is a summer holiday themed pinball machine released in 1987 by Gottlieb (under the “Premier” label). This is a solid state, three-flipper game with an additional mini flipper at the top of the playfield. The game includes a fun 80’s themed soundtrack and has two game modes.

  • Star Trek Pinball Bally Cover1 300x408 - Star Trek Pinball Machine by BallyStar Trek Pinball Bally 21 300x400 - Star Trek Pinball Machine by Bally
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    Star Trek Pinball Machine by Bally


    Star Trek is an electro-mechanical pinball machine released by Bally in 1978. The machine was designed by Gary Gayton with artwork by Kevin O’ Connor.

    ‘Star Trek’ began as an American science fiction TV series which ran from 1966 to 1969. It was canceled due to low ratings. In syndication, the series’ episodes enjoyed a renewed and sustained following which eventually led to a 1979 Hollywood movie of the same name, the first of six movies using the same actors from this TV show.

    Early versions of the backglass showed the Enterprise crew dressed in the uniforms from the TV series. To promote the Hollywood movie that was coming out at the same time as this game, the backglass was changed early in the production run to show them dressed in single-color clothing. In addition, two playfield plastics were changed to feature the bald-headed woman from this first movie.

    These Early Production “TV version” backglasses have a large white trademark symbol (TM) after the name. Artist Kevin O’Connor’s signature is also shown in white. The modified “movie version” glass has a smaller TM in a black color, the artist’s name is shown in red, and in the lower right corner is additional license and trademark text not found on the TV version.

    Also pictured in this listing is a third version of the backglass made by Bally but did not appear on any game. It is identical to the movie version except it has no TM after the name. Also, it has no adhesive “Credit” sticker in the credit window. It was one of approximately 25-30 glasses that were obtained many years ago from a man who owned a warehouse that was used by Bally. We believe these glasses were considered flawed for lack of the trademark symbol and were set aside by Bally, not to be used on any machine.

    According to artist Kevin O’Connor, the original backglass art had the character on the left shooting a humanoid, but that had to be changed to a ball of energy due to demands by the show’s producers that no one be shown being killed. The humanoid can be seen on the original backglass artwork shown in the book Pinball Art.